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Welcome to Jennie Scott's Art site in Cairns Australia. Here you will find an exciting diversity of work. I am particularly passionate about Equestrian driftwood and ceramic sculpture. Yet you will find my paintings, drawings, photography and jewellery equally as enticing.

Jennie Scott - sculptore, artist, painter.  Having travelled extensively, my art work reflects all these cultures that I have experienced. My art work and driftwood sculptures have had many successful exhibitions in Australia, England, United Arab Emirates, Canada and Africa. I have been successful in winning many awards for my art work. Do spend some time viewing my Equestrian Art site - Enjoy.

"The Energy of Driftwood."

"How long has each piece of driftwood been consumed by the sea, and then tossed unceremoniously upon a deserted beach?

Jennie Scott Australian ArtistWhen I hold one of these little pieces of sculpture, I always wonder what story they could tell? Did it come from a far away island, or perhaps it came from an undiscovered shipwreck? Wherever these little pieces of wood came from, they all have their own story to tell.

No one knows how many years they have drifted around the coast of Australia and the islands. The preservation qualities of saltwater makes some of these pieces so hard, that it is almost impossible to break them.

Driftwood Horse created by Jennie Scott Australian sculptor artistWhen I walk along the beach after strong winds and high tides, it is like Manna from Heaven, in this case the sea. I see a horse's hipbone or part of a face, the beauty of an arched neck. When all these little pieces of driftbone come together in a finished sculpture it is pure magic. Each sculpture is individual and original.

The finished sculpture has an energy, that I can not explain, it is so different to carving one piece of wood. My driftwood sculptures have many different pieces, each with their own personality, it has by definition a life force of its own."