Cairns artist Jennie Scott - painter & sculptor of horses using driftwood, pottery, wires and all things found. Driftwood sculptures created from driftwood found on our tropical north queensland beaches.


Painting by Jennie Scott "Clancy"

With Cattle - The Dusty Trail by Jennie Scott cairns australia artist

Fisher King painting by australian cairns artist Jennie Scott

Dust Bowl - Equestrian painting by Cairns artist and driftwood sculpture Jennie Scott

Cutting Out No 3 painting by Jennie Scott - Cairns artist in australia

horse art by cairns artist jennie scott compliments her horse sculptures





Here you will find Jennie's current art works. The present, sold and paintings.



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Workshops and Exhbitions


Bloodlines driftwood horse equestrian sculpture by australian cairns artist jennie scott


Free Spirit - Equestrian driftwood horse sculpture by australian cairns artist Jennie Scott


Sydney - Driftwood Horse Sculpture by Jennie Scott Cairns Artist Australia


sculptor jennie scott enjoys raku firing





Diversity of Art by Jennie Scott

the bushranger driftwood sculpture by jennie scott australian artist

Ceramic Sculptures

I completed my degree in ceramics and glass at Plymouth College of Art and Design UK.

My sculptures have developed in many ways over the years, It is hard coming up with a new ideas for sculpting the ‘Horse’ the horse is probably the most art inspired subject since the Cave paintings of Paleolithic man in Europe.

I have found my niche with my ‘Driftwood sculptures, they are totally unique, but I still do my ceramic horses and other animals.
I use a method called ‘Naked Raku’  it is a slip resist in a sawdust firing, this gives that beautiful marble finish.


When you read the article called ‘The Energy of Driftwood’ that tells you what a special piece of artwork you are getting. It is a long slow process to make just one horse, but it is all worth it when you see the finish work. And people look at it and wonder how you do fit all the pieces together. I tell them you have to enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, and have LOTS of patience.

Paintings and Pet Portraits and Prints

I have always drawn and  painted horses since I could hold a pencil. I had no formal training till my late fifties, but I managed to earn a good  living in the UK painting other peoples animals. In 2000 I went to James Cook University and received my BA. I have won several awards with my work.


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